A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

​Riley and Sandy .. (Speech Therapist from the feeding clinic who taught Riley how to eat) ..  Learning some tricks to help clear his mouth while eating. Riley’s only real struggle he has left when it comes to eating orally.  .. ❤

~ of course a #Wrestler had to come along to watch .. 😉


Appts @ChildrensPhila .. ❤

Update ~ Riley’s appointments at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia went well. 

Plastics is happy with his progress in the speech department. Still some things to work on but Riley has certainly come a long way. They did suggest consulting with a fluency specialist to address a slight stutter. Also Riley will see the feeding clinic once again next month to get some help with some small struggles he still has while eating. 

Next stop was to general surgery (Dr Nance’s office) so they could take a look at Riley’s gtube site. Reason being .. On Friday he had a major leaking issue with his gtube. We changed the button but the irritation began almost immediately. By Saturday it looked pretty bad and CHOP advised us to use Desitin and to obviously call if it got worse. If not to come in the office Monday. So in the office the decision was made to up the size of the button. The tricky part is that Riley has a lot of abdominal scarring. This has caused the gtube area to kinda canal. Making it so the button part is never really flush against the skin. There is more of a space and therefore it tends to leak more. For now they gave us Mepilex to use around the site to help it heal and they changed the button size. 

Ultimately the answer is for Riley to no longer need a gtube. Today he is closer than he has even been. After last week’s appt with Cardiology we have started to wean Riley’s overnight feeds. We had already cut the feeds in half each night but now we will do 4 overnight feeds a week for a month then 2 overnight feeds a week for about another 3 weeks till Riley sees Pulmonary again. At that point we will see how his weight and labs look and decide where to go. Either we will continue with possibly 2 feeds a week or Riley will be able to stop the feeds all together. That is a day we All look forward to but especially Riley who has had a feeding tube since he was 9 months old. Needing it everyday for nutrition and life saving medications. Now at 9 years old he has learned how to eat and to take his meds by mouth. Riley has overcome Everything to date .. Being able to throw his gtube in the trash like he did his Jtube .. his oxygen tubing and his Trach will be a Celebration of yet another battle that Riley has Won! Fingers crossed. 

Thank you all for being on Riley’s Journey with us! Until next time ..

Riley has Successfully made it through his first year ‘in’ school with only 2 hospital sick stays! He is so Proud to call himself a 3rd Grader!!! Thank you to Riley’s teachers .. aides .. therapists and his ‘School Mom’ (you know who you are) who helped Riley transition from home to school and have been so Wonderful to him and our family throughout the year!!

Love You All .. ❤
#CHD #Heterotaxy #Transplant #Warrior #BeatingtheOdds Everyday .. 😎

​Another 6 week appointment in the books!   Riley’s heart looked Great! Beautiful! His labs were all normal (for him) except for his Tacrolimus level which was low. As they explained it would be ok if he was just heart but since he’s heart and lungs they like to keep his Tac level a little higher. Weight is holding steady. Will keep taking the Periactin but we’ve decreased his dosage to once a day at night because it was making him to sleepy. Cardiology is going to reach out to Riley’s old speech therapist in the feeding clinic to see if they have any ideas or want to see Riley again to help with eating. He has made Amazing strides in the eating department but still struggles some with chewing and gauging what he’s putting in his mouth. His high palate doesn’t help the situation. 

Riley’s next scheduled appt isn’t for 6 weeks. Minus blood work to check his Tac level. May he continue to #BeattheOdds and be the little boy who just loves to live life ..

​Riley is finally having a better day! His fever has been down since late last night. The cough has arrived so we have increased his Albuterol. He tolerated his overnight feed at half strength so the plan is to go to full strength tonight. All goes well and Riley will be discharged Saturday after rounds. Yay!! ❤

Not to much to update right now. Riley’s fever has been up and down. Right now it’s down to about 100. A couple hours ago it was over 103. He wasn’t able to tolerate his gtube feed last night so he ended up getting Pedialyte. He seems to do ok eating orally but unfortunately Riley just doesn’t eat enough yet so most of his nutrition comes from his overnight feeds. 

So we will see how today goes. Its really all about just supporting him as he fights through the Paraflu. We have cut his azathioprine dose in half to give his body a little bit more strength to kick Paraflu’s butt!! Will update if anything changes .. ❤

​Shortly after coming home from school on Tuesday Riley stated that he didn’t feel well. Took his temperature and it was up over 102. A call was made to lung transplant and they said to bring him to the emergency dept at CHOP. Many test results are still pending but his white blood cell count was elevated .. Indicating that he’s trying to fight something off. So Riley has been admitted to 8 south. Will update when we know more! 

Please visit Riley’s fb page https://www.facebook.com/Smile4Riley/ .. ❤

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