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Riley’s 15!! 🥳

In the video Riley was only a few hours old! Today .. Riley is Celebrating his 15th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to the boy who Continues to Beat the Odds Everyday!

15 years ago. ❤️

15 years ago at about this time I was at work at Lourdes Medical Associates when I got a call from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. There had been a doctor who had threw a screw into our delivery plans the day prior, and this other doc was calling to make it right. She said .. would you like to have your baby tomorrow? Next thing I knew I was cleaning out my desk and saying goodbye to people, and a job that I Loved. I went to lunch with my sister, and went to the nail salon to have my nails removed. Tonight 15 years ago Riley was still safe inside of me. I cherished that night. The last night before my life would change Forever.
They didn’t know if Riley’s veins were obstructed below his diaphragm so we didn’t know if he would need immediate surgery or if he would even live past birth. Thankfully Riley’s veins weren’t obstructed, and he was able to wait till he was 4 days old for open heart surgery. Of course he ended up having a second open heart surgery 3 months later. Followed by years of aggressive cardiac cathing, and ultimately a heart lung transplant 10 years ago.
No one really knew how long we would be on this Journey with Riley but 15 years later he is still going Strong. ❤️

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