A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Update .. 💚

Update .. last night was rough. Riley’s fever came back, and went all the way up to 104.4. We were in contact with CHOP, and it was agreed if we could get it below 102.5 to ride it out at home. So we gave him extra prednisone along with Tylenol and the fever went down to 101.5. Again today Riley doesn’t have a fever, but is dealing with the respiratory side of metapneumovirus. That being said we have increased his stress dose steroids from 7.5 mg twice a day to 30 mg. Prednisone really does seem to help with the fever so we are hopeful that tonight will be better. Hopefully last night was the peak of the virus.

CHD #Heterotaxy #LoeysDietz #Transplant #Warrior still #BeatingtheOdds Everyday. ❤️♻️💜


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