A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

About the Aorta.

Spoke to Dr Drant regarding Riley’s aorta. She confirmed that there is ‘some’ dilation however it’s not severe at this time. Since this is a new dx we don’t have previous notes on the aorta to compare to. During this year Riley will have the CTA of the head and neck. Hopefully combined with the annual chest CT he’ll have in the coming months. Depending how the year goes he may possibly also have the MRA. The best look at the aorta again will come with next year’s cath when they can compare to this year’s. All of this is radiation! Riley gets a lot of radiation. So for now it’s kinda a wait and watch and see.
Should have the results to Riley’s bronchosopy today. Will update when we know more. ❤

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