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Appt with Heart Transplant @ChildrensPhila ❤

Riley’s appointment with heart transplant went Great! Labs all look Good and Riley’s ‘Angel Heart’ looks Beautiful! Thankfully Riley’s heart has been Amazing since the day it was Gifted to him!
Today’s appt included a visit with Dr Rossano. Always great to see Dr Rossano. He holds a special place in our hearts. Like so many others who have been with us through different times. Dr Rossano was the attending in the CICU Easter Sunday after Riley’s transplant. The day that Riley’s lung collapsed and he had to go back on the ventilator .. for the 3rd and final time. We knew at that point the next step would be Riley getting a Tracheostomy. Needless to say it was a long and difficult night and we are Forever Grateful that Dr Rossano was by our side.

#CHD #Heterotaxy #Transplant #Warrior #BeatingtheOdds Everyday. ❤♻️💙

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