A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

* Pic is drawings done by Dr Jackson while we were discussing Riley’s VPI along with his speech and swallowing issues. *

~ Update to Riley’s appts Monday.
Both went well! With a better understand of Riley’s VPI we now see how that wouldn’t be causing Riley’s aspirating. It is definitely a factor in his speech though. They would really like Riley to get more one on one speech therapy to work on articulation. Hopefully that is possible at school.
Once in Orthopedics Riley had his xray and we visited with Dr Deeney. Riley’s scoliosis looks unchanged and between the xray and the recent CT scan there were no new fractures noted! Yay!
Riley will see the speech therapist in plastic surgery again in a year and we will follow up with Orthopedics in 6 months.
Wednesday Riley has an appt with Endocrine. There we will sign consent for Riley’s admission October 14th for his next round of Zometa (bone infusion therapy).


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