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Riley’s Ortho Appt @ChildrensPhila .. ❤

Update from Riley’s Ortho appt.

~ Riley has scoliosis. Monday measuring at 17 degrees. It has progressed from the 14 degree measurement in April. He also has 41 degrees of thoracic kyphosis and 27 degrees of lumbar lordosis. Riley’s next appt with ortho was suppose to be in 6 months but they have moved it up to 4 months. At that time they will check the progression. If it has continued to get worse we will discuss treatment options at that time.
In the mean time Riley has a dexa scan scheduled for next Tuesday after his lung transplant appt. That will check bone density. Ortho would like Riley to also be seen again in endrocrine. Not in regards to his adrenal insufficiency but rather his bone health. Between that visit and the dexa scan results we’ll have a better idea if Riley should see the bone health management team. Phew.
The positive in all of this is that Riley doesn’t seem to be experiencing any pain at this time. So we will continue on this Journey and see whoever he needs to see .. Do whatever we need to do to keep him the Happy Loving Life little boy that we all Love.

Riley doing some Mummer Strutting while waiting for the doc to come back.

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