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Riley had the Flu. ❤

Update .. Sorry for not updating Mom’s blog sooner.

Riley was admitted to CHOP last Sunday running a high fever. Turned out he had the Flu. He was inpatient for 5 days.

Since being home he developed a slight cough but other then that has been doing Great!

Also .. Riley results from his biopsies came back. ZERO Rejection!!

Finally .. In 2 weeks Riley will be 10 years old!! Yes! 10! Never imagined saying Riley’s going to be 10 yet here we are Thanks to Riley’s donor and their family! Forever Grateful … 💜💚


5 Year Heart/Lung Transplant Anniversary .. 💚

March 5th Riley celebrated his 5 year transplant anniversary! Thank you to his donor for making the last 5 years possible.

Monday Riley had his annual Cath and Bronch. Everything looked good according to Dr Rome and Dr Goldfarb. We will have biopsy/pathology results back in the next few days. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts for zero rejection or infections. ❤

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