A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Great Story by our friends at the Courier Post on Our Riley! Includes videos and pictures from throughout his Journey .. ❤

Comments on: "Riley’s Journey 4Years Post Heart/Lung Transplant .. ❤" (2)

  1. Michael Ventura said:

    Well; as I pulled out of the parking lot from Jake’s Place and noticed the “smileforriley” on dad’s back window – who would have known Riley has been through so much. Riley, Chase, and Cole had a blast today playing kid games at the playground…and Riley was just one in the pack.
    Best wishes Darren – we didn’t exchange names whilst we chatted…but Mike Ventura. Pleasure to meet!
    Wishes from Chase, Cole, and myself that all is well, and we catch you at the playground again soon. The boys had fun!

    • Hi Michael .. Thanks for checking out Riley’s website after seeing it on Dad’s window!
      Riley loves going to the park and being just one of the kids! For many years Riley was very sick but since his Heart/Lung Transplant he has been living and loving life!!
      Hope to see you all again!

      Riley has a Facebook page that is updated often. Hope you’ll join his Journey ❤


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