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Riley’s Cardiology Appt @ChildrensPhila .. ❤

​Update from Riley’s Cardiology appointment .. It went Great!! Labs looked Good .. Echo looked Good! Riley still hasn’t gained any weight but at least this appt he didn’t lose any either! 

We were given a choice of doing Riley’s 4 YEAR Bronch/Cath in March or waiting till April. We’ve always done it right around his transplant anniversary plus his birthday along with his brother and father’s birthdays are in April. So we’re gonna stick with March. 

A few times during his visit Riley got to see his Buddy Dr Hanna. He was excited to share with him that he got Student of the Month but even more so to tell him about taking pills now! Riley can’t wait to go back to camp and run into the med room and pop his pills real quick like the big kids rather then have to sit there and have them all pushed through his tube. 

Riley has come a long way in the last few years! Still Amazes Everyone! As we approach his 4 year transplant anniversary in March may he continue to show the world what he is made of. A Warrior who has won every battle he has fought and will continue to Defy the Odds!! 💚

Riley and Dr Hanna ..

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