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Happy 8th Birthday Riley!!

Rarely does one give birth to a child and fear that they may never hear them cry but 8 years ago that was exactly what I did. I knew that I would not have a chance to hold him before he would be whisked away to begin the fight of and for his life.
The CICU at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had Riley in their hands long before I did. It wasn’t until he was 3 days old .. the night before his first open heart surgery .. that I was able to briefly hold my Warrior. I remember falling asleep in the rocking chair and the nurse suggesting to put Riley back in his little ‘pod’. I so did not want to let go with fear that I may never hold him again.
Eight years ago it was hard to imagine that we would be celebrating an 8th Birthday! Since before he was born we have been told of all of the hurdles that Riley would have to overcome to survive. Even telling us that if he were to survive to five it would not be without having a heart and double lung transplant. Riley had his life saving transplant a month before his 5th birthday!
If I have learned anything in eight years it’s that Superheroes do exist! Today My Superhero turns 8 Years Old!!
I know how blessed I am that after that first time of getting to hold Riley .. I have gotten to hold him for eight more years .. I have surely heard him cry but most importantly I have seen him Live and Love life.
Today I am looking forward to seeing my now little boy one day turn into a young man. He will continue to Beat the Odds and will Live the Life that he so Loves to Live .. May his every day be better then the one before .. ❤ 


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