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Update to Riley’s Biopsy Results .. ❤

Update .. It appears that Riley’s results that were posted yesterday were preliminary. The final results that came back today are different. Riley does have A2 mild/acute rejection in his lungs. CHOP believes that it was caused by Riley’s recent bout with RSV. They also believe that it is treatable with IV steroids. Therapy will take place next week.
Thank you all for your continued love and support .. ❤

Biopsy Results ..

NEGATIVE!! Riley’s Heart and Lung Biopsies are Negative for Rejection!!!!

A Special Gift from a Friend .. ❤

Before Riley was discharged earlier this evening we had a visit from our buddy Dave Garrett (Respiratory Therapist). Dave has always been Great to Riley. Especially after Transplant and when he had his trach. He use to go out of his way to get Riley the colored strings he wanted for his trach changes. To match to a specific Thomas train. Even bringing them to the PCU from the 6th floor for the couple months we spent up there.
When he came to visit today he brought 2 small boxes. As we were opening e this was the first time he made two together .. A heart and lungs!
The suncatchers are Beautiful but I think almost more Beautiful is Dave hearing that Riley was on the schedule for Monday and coming into work early to see us and to give Riley his gift that he had Made!
Dave is a reminder of all the Amazing people that have joined us on Riley’s journey! We are so Grateful for you All .. ❤


Riley’s 3 Year Bronch/Cath @ChildrensPhila ❤

Riley is out of the Cath lab. Dr Goldfarb said the lungs looked good and Dr Rome said the same about his heart! Coronary arteries looked great. Biopsy results should be back by Wednesday.
Right now Riley is still sleeping which is a good thing. Dr Rome went in both his neck and groan so he has a 6 hour flat time .. ❤


Pic is from Before he went back.

Riley’s Three Years Post Lung Transplant ❤

Today we CELEBRATE 3 years since Riley received his Gift of Life .. Heart and Bilateral Lung Transplant!! Thank you to Dr Spray .. Dr Rome .. Dr Hanna .. Dr Goldfarb .. Dr Kreindler .. Dr Javia .. Dr Nance .. Dr Stevens .. All of the doctors and nurses in the CICU and PCU at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Riley is a Happy .. Energetic .. Thriving .. Loving Life 7 year old!
This is a Celebration that would not be possible though without the selfless decision of Riley’s donor’s family! Not a day passes that they and their Angel are not in our thoughts. A simple Thank you could not truly express our Gratitude for Riley’s Gift .. His second chance at Life but Thank you .. All of you from the bottom of our hearts .. ❤❤



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