A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley was certainly feeling better on Tuesday then he did on Monday! We did learn when doing vitals in pulmonary that he had a low grade fever but all of the labs and respiratory panel came back OK. All we can really do is just keep an eye out for any new/future symptoms, but for today Riley felt Great.
Tuesday’s appt with pulmonary was already scheduled before Riley wasn’t feeling well. In the plans was also a repeat CT scan. Riley did Awesome during the CT! Even getting a Cape for being Brave 🙂
After reviewing the scans it would appear that Riley’s lungs are unchanged. As Dr Goldfarb put it .. They could have came back one of three ways .. Better .. Worse or Unchanged. Better would have been Best but we’ll take Unchanged.
Overall Riley is doing Great! Not sure what the spell of not feeling well was about but it wouldn’t be the first time and odds are It won’t be the last. Today though .. Riley continues to Live and Love Life and really that’s what it’s all about. ♡



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