A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Update .. Riley had a visit with lung transplant yesterday. His labs all looked OK except for his immune suppression which seemed a little low so we will be increasing his Tacrolimus with repeat labs next week. Also we are still fighting some dehydration. Just can’t seem to get enough fluid into Riley.  So because of that and weight gain we are once again decreasing his bolus feeds and mixing them with water. Also flushing with 60mls.
We are also going to start weaning Riley from his PTSD meds. They just completely knock him out at night and we need him able to get up and go potty. We will start gradually weaning the one med while I keep an eye on his blood pressure. The one med has an effect on the other where it could lower his BP. Once that one is done we’ll move on to weaning the second. This may be trial and error on how he responses to not being on the meds and how it will effect his BP. We may later need to add a BP med or anxiety med. Only time will tell.
Finally we are looking into psychiatry. Riley’s life before transplant and after are very different. We just need some help in helping him to adjust.
Thank you All for your continued Love and Support ..

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  1. Riley any UR whole family are in my prayers every day…

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