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Quick Update .. ♡

Quick update .. Riley starts his oral motor therapy next week at CHOP!! Let’s get eating 🙂

      Silly pictures of Riley from last year


Riley’s 2 Year Bronch/Cath Scheduled

Riley’s 2 year post transplant Bronch/Cath has been scheduled for March 4th!! The person who called said she was the same person who scheduled Riley’s 1 year. She then was quick to Congratulate us for how far Riley has come! Couldn’t help but agree how Amazing the who thing is .. ♡

Let’s Get Eating ..

Riley’s feeding clinic evaluation went Great! We are going to hold off on the day hospital for now and start seeing a speech therapist at CHOP for oral motor therapy twice a week. This therapy will help teach Riley how to eat. Yay! Then later .. If needed .. we’ll do the day hospital to increase his intake and/or wean him from the gtube feeds. Very exciting .. ♡

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