A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Update from Riley’s follow up. He is doing Ok. He had a low grade fever and was having what looked like a reaction to something on his face. I had called the on call Wednesday night regarding the reaction and gave him benadryl knowing we would see someone Thursday. After an exam it was determined that Riley has an ear infection. That most likely being the cause of the new fever and what looked like an allergic reaction. So we have swapped out his maintenance ammoxicillan for augmentin.
We will continue the increased breathing treatments and higher dose of steroids that is being used to help with the RSV. We have already returned his immune suppression med back to his regular dosage.
Fingers crossed that our next appointment with transplant will be to do Riley’s TWO Year Bronch and Cath to check for rejection in March! .. and of course that will go Awesome .. ♡



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