A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley had a visit today with pulmonary. Everything seems to be Great! His labs look good so far. Still waiting on his EBV.
Riley is up to 51 pounds which is Amazing and has even grown a little taller.
Our next visit will be with Cardiology in the end of January. After that will be his 2 YEAR Bronch/Cath in March!
The highlight of the day was of course a visit from Dr Hanna! He tracked Riley down while he was doing his PFTs. The smile instantly returned to Riley face after just coming from another traumatic blood draw. Dr Hanna came in and pretty much threw Riley up on his shoulders. He didn’t even have a chance to be afraid (like he usually would) .. he was just so Happy to see his Buddy that the fear quickly disappeared! It was a Priceless moment!!
I will update when Riley’s EBV comes back. Hopefully his copies are still low and we can head into an Uneventful yet Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year .. ♡



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