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One Year Ago .. @GKTWVillage .. ♡

One year ago today we checked into Give Kids the World and were 2 days into Riley’s Make a Wish trip. We had always planned on doing Riley’s MAW right after transplant when the thought was he would be at his Best. The day that Riley had his Tracheostomy I sat outside CHOP with one of Riley’s top docs and we talked about Riley’s MAW. I then expressed that we thought maybe it would be better to wait until after Riley’s trach came out to do the trip. Since it was always said that the trach would be temporary. This way he could really enjoy the experience. I’ll never forget that doctor .. that day saying .. “Carol don’t wait! Start the paperwork now so when Riley is discharged he can do his MAW. Trach or no trach. If you wait you will regret it!” So we did just that and planned Riley’s trip to Florida while still at CHOP. That all leads us to today. One Year after Riley MAW. Riley is Alive! Riley is #BeatingtheOdds that are stacked against him! I appreciate that Riley’s doctor believed he was giving me good advice but I’m even more appreciative that Riley is still here and doing better then he was a year ago when we all thought he was at his Best!
I will end with a Thank you. Thank you to Riley’s Donor for giving my son the #GiftofLife .. without them and their family’s selfless decision the above post wouldn’t have even been possible. ♡

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