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19 Months Post #Transplant Check Up @ChildrensPhila .. ♡

Update from Riley’s cardiology appointment on Monday ..
Riley’s 19 months post transplant check up went pretty Great! He has finally gained someone weight. Not much but enough to know the higher calories are working. His Echo looked Good .. EKG looked Good .. labs were Good! (Although getting the labs was a different story! Where one may think it would start to get easier .. It’s not!)
Riley’s EBV was actually down to 20,000 copies. Probably the lowest it’s every been. We will take it! Riley’s blood pressure however was slightly elevated. Dr Lin doesn’t want to increase his Enalapril so there is a possibility of adding another med to the list. There is also talk of Riley being elevated by the HAVE team. I’m not very familiar with it just yet but I do know it’s for Hypertension and Vascular studies and includes Nephrology. Dr Lin thinks it would be good to keep Nephrology involved given the two rounds of renal failure Riley went through right after transplant. She explained it would probably be a long day and I explained that we’ll do whatever we need to do 🙂
I will update when a decision has been made about meeting with HAVE. Until then .. Thank you All .. as Always .. for being on this Amazing Journey with Riley and our family .. ♡

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