A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Soo results are in ..
~All looks Good. Riley was Negative for any acute rejection or antibody mediated rejection. Due to the specimens obtained though they were not able to screen for any chronic rejection. Krista ran the results by Dr. Goldfarb this morning and he said at this point he would be more worried about the acute and antibody mediated rejection which they were able to rule out. He was very reassured with the results and how Riley’s bronch looked.So far all bacterial and fungal cultures are Negative. EBV was Positive .. which we already knew .. and CMV was Negative. It will take about a month for all cultures to finalize. 
This is another milestone Riley is Surpassing as he Continues to Defy Every Odd! Riley to me is a reason to hold on to ‪‎Hope‬ .. He was never suppose to be here .. Now at 6 years old and 18 months post heart/lung‪ ‎transplant‬ .. But holding onto Hope and the ‪Gift of Life‬ have made what was suppose to be Impossible .. Possible ..  ♡

Comments on: "Riley’s #Bronchoscopy Results are In .. ♡" (1)

  1. Pinky & Luis & Denisse Gabriela said:

    What you hope… is what we hope…. good things for our dear Riley… hugs… lots of hugs… 🙂

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