A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

On Monday Riley went to CHOP to have his stoma closed and have dentistry clean/evaluate his teeth. Everything went Ok. Dr Javia couldn’t close the stoma because the opening was to wide on the inside and there was a lot of scar tissue to remove from the airway. We knew this was a possibility. The stoma will close on its own now hopefully in the next few weeks. Dr Javia said though that if he had not gone in and cleared the airway the hole would have never closed on its own. Now it will. 
Dr Bresler did the dentistry side. He pulled out three baby teeth that were loose and removed some gum around an adult tooth so it could come down easier. Cleaned Riley’s teeth which now look Beautiful! Also Riley was cavity free! 
So now it’s recovery time in the CICU. Riley is Mr. Cranky Pants but that’s to be expected. This should just be a one night stay! After this we see Dentistry in 6 months and ENT in 3 months. 
We do have to wait for the EBV results which hopefully have improved. If not we’ll be visiting ideas on what we’re doing about that. For now .. Recovery in Progress 🙂



Riley’s mood improved as the day went on ..


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