A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

On Wednesday June 25th 2014 Riley did something truly Amazing! Something that never before in his life could he have done. Before transplant Riley couldn’t walk 50 feet without getting sick. After transplant he practically had to learn to walk again. Last year at this time we would go to the stairways at CHOP for PT and Riley hated it! On Wednesday though Riley climbed 217 steps to the top of Barnegat Light House .. Spiral steps at that. Then after Enjoying the view he walked the 217 steps back down .. without assistance! It was an Amazing Experience to see Riley be able to Conquer those steps! It was in that moment that you really get what it’s all about! It’s about this .. about a little boy living a life we never imagined possible! We may not know what tomorrow holds but today was Priceless .. ♡♥




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  1. Pinky & Luis & Denisse Gabriela said:

    WWWowww… what a great news!!! I am so… so… so… happy to know our dearest big boy Riley can do a lot of new things and enjoy them a lot… OMG… God is good… in some way (some times in the hardest… 😦 …. ) God make us appreciate the life and the small details like these… you are very… very lucky having your boy.. well… really the 2 boys… Christian is amazing. I love him too. 🙂 I send to you happy.. happy hugs… from far.. far… far away…. he he he he he…. 🙂

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