A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Monday was Riley’s appt at Doc Bresler’s office. Unfortunately we did not see one of the Dr Breslers .. We saw Andrew. Andrew was very nice but not a good fit for Riley. Riley was already a little on edge as you could imagine and Andrew .. I think .. was just as nervous to start poking around in Riley’s mouth. To sum up the visit .. Andrew poked around a little bit but then was like we should just fill out the papers so Riley could be seen at CHOP. Riley really wasn’t completely out of control but I think Andrew didn’t feel completely comfortable given Riley’s medical history to be picking at his gums and under and around teeth. I filled out their papers and while we were still there I called ENT. This is our opportunity to close Riley’s stoma. We did learn at our last ENT visit that closing the stoma is actually a surgery. Not two stitches and your done. It also requires a night in either the CICU or PICU. Hopefully we’ll hear something this week so we can move forward and past the procedures and have an AWESOME summer .. ♡



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