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One Step Closer to #Home .. ♡

The Keys to Our New Home ..


So Happy to be able to finally make this post! Something that has been made possible by the caring hearts of so many .. so many of you! We want to thank Joe Rivera our realtor and friend for helping us to find our home and William Sragow for well Everything!! Bill came into our lives last year around this time. He offered his services as a real estate attorney to help us with our housing situation. Through this process I’m honored and feel blessed to call Bill my friend! He has been by our side since before we were discharged from CHOP. Helping us to navigate through trying to get out of our old home .. that Riley couldn’t live in anymore .. and into a different one! It took almost a year but today was the day! The day we signed the papers and got the keys to our new home! 
Just a FYI .. We did not move in today. There are somethings we want to try and do first. Starting with hardwood floors for Riley. Much better then carpet for his lungs. We also need to move our things out of our old home. It’s kinda been like a storage unit since we’ve been living in the apartment. Then we’ll move over from the apartment. We also need to get some furniture and things first. It will be soon though .. for Sure
Thank you all Again and Again! I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart!!! .. ♥

☆ BIG UPDATE .. The Time has Finally Come ☆

I know this update has been a long time coming but … We are finally able to move into a home that will be safe for Riley and on top of that he will have a bedroom for the first time in his life! We were not able to build a home where our old house is but we are in the process of purchasing a house in a neighboring town. This will also allow for Riley’s big brother to stay in the same school district next year! 
We are Extremely Grateful for Everyone’s Generosity! The donations that have been made to the house fund are all being used towards the purchase of the house. Also towards making the house a home .. example .. Riley’s bedroom. Since he’s never had a bedroom we’ll be buying him furniture and figuring out a decorative theme. I have a feeling it will be ‘Superheros’ .. Ever since Riley became One himself .. Superheros are his ‘Big Thing’! 
This is a Very Exciting time for Riley and our family! Last year at this time we were preparing to move from the CICU to the PCU at CHOP! This year were planning to move HOME! 
Thank you All for your continued Love and Support!

● Riley’s Visit at Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters ●

Monday was Riley’s appt at Doc Bresler’s office. Unfortunately we did not see one of the Dr Breslers .. We saw Andrew. Andrew was very nice but not a good fit for Riley. Riley was already a little on edge as you could imagine and Andrew .. I think .. was just as nervous to start poking around in Riley’s mouth. To sum up the visit .. Andrew poked around a little bit but then was like we should just fill out the papers so Riley could be seen at CHOP. Riley really wasn’t completely out of control but I think Andrew didn’t feel completely comfortable given Riley’s medical history to be picking at his gums and under and around teeth. I filled out their papers and while we were still there I called ENT. This is our opportunity to close Riley’s stoma. We did learn at our last ENT visit that closing the stoma is actually a surgery. Not two stitches and your done. It also requires a night in either the CICU or PICU. Hopefully we’ll hear something this week so we can move forward and past the procedures and have an AWESOME summer .. ♡


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