A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I have an update on Riley’s labs. Rather then trying to repeat it .. I’m going to copy part of the email. 
Riley’s EBV from yesterday was pretty elevated. It was up to 372,524 (up from 22,000 on 1/13/14). I spoke with Dr. Goldfarb, Dr. Kreindler and Dr. Lin following these results. The plan is going to be to repeat the lab in one week. This will need to be done at a CHOP facility. Since Riley is having this change in stools with the foul smell and change in color, there is a chance that if he has another process going on such as a GI virus or other causative agent, this could cause the EBV number to be elevated. Another reason that we would like to wait another week is because everyone agrees that his exam is extremely reassuring and he does not have any symptoms that would outwardly indicate PTLD. If the number is still elevated, we will most likely proceed towards doing a CT scan to evaluate Riley further. Depending on timing, this could be something that we could try to coordinate with the dental procedure, as previously discussed.

Riley’s tacrolimus level this morning was a little low, 6.5. We will also repeat this level next week when you come for labs.
I’m trying not to freak out. I guess after yesterday’s visit I wasn’t expecting any kind of bad news. This is our reality though. Ya just never know what tomorrow holds in store .. ♡♥


Comments on: "Riley’s Epstein-Barr Results are In .. ♡♥" (1)

  1. Will be keeping fingers crossed it is just some sort of infection that antibiotics can take care of

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