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☆ Riley is Cleared for Disney ☆

Riley has the All Clear to begin our Journey to Florida on Saturday! Yay! 

To update a little on the rest of the visit .. We saw Dr Kreindler today. He flat out looked at Riley and said … You are a Miracle Child! Who would have imagined 7/8 months ago we would be where we are today? I reminded him of the morning that he told me it was BAD! He said it was Bad .. really Bad .. like we were getting ready to power up the ECMO .. Bad! Yet here we are today clearing you for Riley’s Make a Wish! 
As the conversation moved on I said that I assume we’ll be scheduling Riley’s 9 month Bronch/Cath for December. He said the team had been discussing it and they are going to wait until 12 months. I almost fell out of my chair! He told me .. Don’t go there .. I know where your at and just don’t go there! I said how could I not? He told me to just not allow myself! (Explanation .. The last 2 children done at CHOP before Riley both passed a little past their one year anniversaries. One from rejection and One from infection. I have always wanted to stay on top on his testing so if it started happening to Riley we could catch it in time.) He said today though that whether they see something at 9 months or 12 months it won’t change the outcome! I guess giving us 3 months not to worry about what we can’t change. He did say though that obviously if Riley was showing signs of a problem we would then move up the Bronch/Cath. 
For today .. He looks Wonderful and Again is a Miracle Child! So what choice do I have then to continue to live for today .. that Riley is Here and doing Great Today. We will cross the other bridge when we get to it! Which I pray to God that Riley will continue to be a Miracle and DEFY the ODDS!

               Riley and Dr Kreindler


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