A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Thought I’d Share .. ♡

Thought I’d Share …

Since I was 5 Months pregnant Dr Spray said that the child I was carrying would ultimately need a Heart/Lung Transplant if he was going to make it to 5 years old. After being listed almost 3 and a half years .. Riley received his Gift of Life one month before his 5th Birthday! 
I think after Waiting Soo long and having 3 Dry Runs along the way .. I’m still kinda in Shock! I can’t believe I have a child that had a Heart/Lung Transplant! It’s just Mind Boggling sometimes .. All of It .. The post transplant stay at CHOP .. The Paraflu .. Renal Failure .. Adenovirus .. Rhinovirus .. Pseudomonas .. Thal Fundoplication .. Tracheostomy .. 17 plus daily meds .. Nursing .. living in the apartment .. Make a Wish etc.
Know though .. I would do it All again to give my Riley a chance at Life .. ♡♥

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  1. Pinky y Luis said:

    I would do it if my first baby girl had had your big oportunity… be patient and strong…. you have the bless to kiss your beautiful big boy every single day… I do not have that…. any way… I am happy for you…. because you can… because God is good….. mexican love heart….

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