A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Monday Is A Big Day .. ☆

Crossing Fingers and Even Toes … Monday Riley has what should be he Last visit with Dr Javia before Decannulation! Everyone seems to be in agreement that if Riley shows he is still ready for Decannulation Monday then there is no reason to continue to wait! Especially with the Pseudomonas hanging around! I told pulmonary on Friday that we’re ready .. Whether it’s come back Monday night or Tuesday or Wednesday .. we’re there!
There is a little situation where CHOP happens to be a full house right now but hopefully they’ll get Riley in. He doesn’t even have to stay in prime real estate in the CICU .. We would be headed to the PICU. 
So as you go about your morning and afternoon Monday maybe keep a little finger crossed that Riley will be getting admitted .. if not Monday one day to follow .. to finally remove his Trach .. ♡♥


Comments on: "Monday Is A Big Day .. ☆" (2)

  1. Rita Ridley-Cornegay said:

    This is amazing news Riley & family! I’m lifting you up in prayer brave & strong Riley! Praise God for his blessings!!

  2. Pinky y Luis said:

    God with you…. my heart too….. Animo!!!!!!

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