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Update From Cardiology .. ♥

Rather then rewriting what was emailed today from Cardiology .. I’m going to just copy and paste some of it for an update .. Thank You Karen … 

Hi Carol.

I just wanted to catch you up on a few things-Riley’s biopsy was negative for rejection, as you know, which is perfect.
Yesterday, I got back his antibody report, which shows us that Riley is NOT producing any antibodies against his heart or lungs. This is HUGE! We didn’t “expect” him to make antibodies against his heart/lungs, but there is always the chance that he could, so we check that regularly, at least with every cath/bronch. Having NO antibodies against his heart makes his risk of coronary disease a lot lower, so this is very good news. 
For his next cath, we would only plan to do another one at one year, unless there are any concerns. Of course, if Riley is getting a bronch sooner than that, we could consider doing a cath a little earlier. 
Last thing- this reaction to whatever he is reacting to!!!! We don’t know what to do about this- it’s clearly not a “contrast” thing, because he didn’t get any contrast with this last cath. Dr. Jobes doesn’t think it’s an anesthetic medication either. I am going to contact immunology again, and ask their input. They may want to see him, but I’ll let you know. The question will come up again, should we “pre medicate” him at his next procedure. I don’t know the answer to that, because even despite premedicating him in the past, he still always had the reaction, so you could argue that the premed didn’t help at all, and maybe what he needs is more “post” meds… Hopefully immunology will have an answer for us.

~ Karen

♡♥ Mom

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