A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I have yet to speak to Cardiology however I am in constant contact with Pulmonary. In speaking with Pulmonary we’ve learned that Riley’s Heart Biopsy was also NEGATIVE for Rejection! Yay! The NP in pulmonary said she would let heart transplant discuss the pathology reports though. Of course my immediate thought is .. If everything is Ok why can’t she just tell me that? Then I have to just Pray that if something did come back .. They would have called me by now! Right?! NP just said it wasn’t her place to go over the pathology reports from the heart. Ok. I get it but again .. Everything should be ok or they would have contacted me already! So we’re going to say .. All is Ok .. Because Cardiology hasn’t contacted to say otherwise.
As far as the yeast … We are actually still waiting for those results. All of the other panels have seemingly come back Ok.
On a final note .. Since Riley’s donor lungs and heart were once again negative for rejection .. We can decrease his steroid dose! That’s another Yay! For every negative biopsy we will decrease his steroids!
Love and Hugs For being a part of this Journey with Riley and Our Family .. ♡♥

(We learned last week that Riley’s lung biopsies were negative .. However that update was only posted to FB.)


                   Riley and Daddy ..

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