A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Upon discharge on Tuesday Dr Kreindler came to see us. This was in the early evening so the visit brought a little bit of anxiety with it. 
Some of Riley’s Very Preliminary results have come back. One was showing a form of yeast in a sample from his lungs. Dr Kreindler’s first thought is to treat but the team wants to wait for more concrete information. There is a chance that it traveled from his mouth when they were doing the Bronchoscopy. That would be the best conclusion. It could also actually be yeast in his lung! If it is Dr Kreindler’s thought is that we caught it very early because Riley isn’t really symptomatic.The plan of care is where things could become tricky. Because of the medication used to treat the yeast we would first have to pretty much cut Riley’s Tacrolimus dosage in half. (Immune Suppression Med) This med also tends to raise Creatinine levels. These are things that could ultimately put Riley into Renal Failure for a third time. Riley’s kidneys can’t handle another round of failure! This being a good reason to wait for more information. The hope is Wednesday or Thursday to know more. If it is really yeast in his lungs he will be admitted to CHOP for what should be about a week. During this time being closely monitored including daily blood draws to stay on top of his kidney function. For now we wait for results! Not only negative biopsy results but that this preliminary finding of yeast isn’t really growing in his lungs ..
Thank You All for your kind words on Facebook .. Twitter etc Today and Always .. ♡♥

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  1. Miles Wynn Riley I sent an email from Donald Trumps I will Fund Anything Jill the ball is in your court Donald Trump has extended a hand to Riley what you do with it is up to you
    God Bless Riley & all his supporters I think a Thank You is in order To Donald Trump
    Warmest Regards
    Miles Wynn

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