A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley’s updates from Bronch/Cath/ENT ..

Just spoke to Dr Javia. He is thrilled with how Great Riley’s airway looks! He is going to downsize his trach and cap it. This is obviously Wonderful news however he won’t be Decannulated right now. Dr Javia wants to see Riley in his Airway clinic October 14th. He expects that things will look just as great in a month. At that time he will schedule him to come back and stay in the PICU for Decannulation. So even though we can’t Decannulate today .. We should able to Decannulate in October. Now Pulmonary is with him and when their done Cardiology will go in .. ♡♥


Spoke to Dr Kreindler. He says Riley’s lungs look good. He was able to get good biopsies which will take a few days for results. His lower lobes are clearer then previous bronches. He is pleased with how Riley is doing. He says he is continuing to Beat the Odds! Dr Dori is with Riley now doing the cath.Still waiting to see if we will be able to go home today. ♡♥


Riley is back in the CPRU. Since they went through the neck its a two hour flat time. His trach will be downsized and capped and we will be going Home! ♡♥


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