A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I came across this blog on my phone as I was cleaning out my notes .. Thought I would share ..
It’s from 3 Days Post Riley’s Heart/Lung Transplant ..
Riley was Very sick at the time but we did not know yet that he had Paraflu .. ♡♥
~ ~ ~

March 8 2013 ~ My thoughts ..

I knew that these days would be the hardest .. Just don’t realize how hard until your actually living them.Watching Riley as he is starting to slowing be aware is heart breaking. He already doesn’t look like my baby. There is No gradual waking. Everytime he is touched in the slightest he peaks through his swollen eyes and shakes his head rapidly .. trying to mouth .. No .. No .. No while flinching his whole body and tears rolling down his cheeks. Usually followed with some more sedation drugs. To see your baby with a head that seems doubled in size with a breathing tube coming out of one Nostril and a tube from his stomach out another .. along with tape to keep it all in place that is covered in blood is beyond words. That doesn’t even scratch the surface with what’s going on below. Five IVs including the feet .. Artiral line .. chest tubes .. pacer wires and more. Riley has always been a Warrior coming through everything like a champ. He is still fighting like a Warrior but to see the sadness and fear that my baby is experiencing has my eyes filled and my heart breaking. ♥

~ ~

Living in the moments above .. I never imagined Riley being where he is today! He truly is Defying the Odds Everyday .. ♡♥ 



Comments on: "☆ Amazing How Far Riley Has Come ☆" (2)

  1. He is gorgeous and such beautiful eyes

  2. that’s great , that why I always call him my little hero, I new riley was a hero from the start, but I no what you mean when you say watching our kids go threw the smallest of things hurt us more then them !! riley rocks !! stay strong little man !

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