A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

This may be a little TMI for some but to me it feels like a Yay so I wanted to share … ..It appears doing the Postural drainage has helped! (Chest PT where he lays down our legs.) Riley has been a little extra junky which is why we started doing that kind of chest PT. Mind you .. Riley has battled with sounding Rhonchi especially in his lower lobes since Transplant. Part of the problem being you lose the sensation to cough below the anastomosis. Flipping him pretty much upside down helped to work the secretions up. Unfortunately it came up like he was throwing up but it was All mucus! Lots of it too! So as Crazy as it may sound .. I wanted to do a Happy dance when Riley started spitting up all this mucus! He needs to work it out of his lungs so bad! With the Bronch/Cath/ENT procedures coming we need him as clear as possible if we want to Hope for Decannulation. To much secretions irritate the upper airway and if that is the case at the time he again won’t be ready for Decannulation ..
Soo Yay for Spitting Up Mucus .. lol ♡♥



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