A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I spoke to a member of Riley’s team on Thursday regarding the results from his xray and ultrasound. It appears that Riley has Coxa Valga or Anteversion Deformity (bilaterally – right and left). This issue can be a result of bone disease, such as bone demineralization (from chronic steriod use, etc) or congenital (born with this).
There is no specific evidence of Avascular Necrosis, however xray is not the best way to detect this issue. At some point, they may recommend an MRI for further assessment but for now we have added a new doctor to Riley’s team .. Orthopedist .. First appointment available in September .. ♡♥

~ ~ ~

On our trip to CHOP on Wednesday we met a new friend! Samantha reached out to Team Smile4Riley through Twitter asking if she could write her feature story .. as she finishes her internship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation .. on Riley and his Journey. Of course the answer was Yes!
Thank you Samantha Villarreal for wanting to learn more about Riley and for wanting to Share our Warrior’s Journey .. ♡♥

PS .. Thank You to the families in Texas who introduced Samantha to Riley’s story and wanted her to meet us while she was doing her internship in Philadelphia .. ♡



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    God is with this little warrior… Please consider helping Riley with the families quest to move into a new home !! Go to http://www.smile4rileyhouse.com and be a blessing to this families needs !!

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