A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

On Wednesday Riley will be having a xray and an ultrasound done on his left leg. Riley’s PICC line and blood clot were in his left leg. All through therapy his left leg has always needed more rehabilitation.
By the time he discharged though it was pretty good. Sometimes we’d have to remind him to point his toes straight but he was walking great .. possibly even better then before transplant. 
Over the last 2 weeks he has begun to limp. At first it wasn’t all the time but since the weekend it has been constant. He doesn’t want to put weight on it. He doesn’t complain of pain anywhere. If we tell him to point his toes straight .. like before .. He will but he will still limp. 
This does actually have the possibility of being a few things. Some that could be major issues. Until the test results come back though we won’t know. From there we’ll see where we go. Obviously we pray to God that it’s Nothing! Maybe Riley’s just limping because he wants to! 
The tests couldn’t be scheduled until late in the day so I’m not sure when/if we’ll have answers but when we do I’ll be sure to update.
Thank you All for Caring Sooo much for Riley … and Our Family .. ♡♥


Comments on: "Riley is Scheduled to Have Some Unplanned Testing Done .. ♥" (1)

  1. I wish we had an option other than like maybe a ‘I stopped by and am thinking of you’ button I really hope everything comes back okay and this is a minor setback and nothing more serious

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