A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley has survived his labs! It did however go as I expected. Once we got off on the 3rd floor he started Freakin out .. hiding his hands. Regina .. The woman who usually draws Riley’s labs outpatient was so excited to see Riley but she got a screaming child in return. Once we were in the chair I needed the assistance of Riley’s nurse to help restrain him. Trust me .. all the while we are trying to calm him down! Once he saw the butterfly needle go in and the blood start coming out he calmed down. It’s the anticipation of it that gets him so upset. Once it was over he was fine but made sure that everyone saw that he had a band aid.
Before Transplant Riley had blood drawn at least every six weeks. Around three and a half he was able to sit in his stroller .. Not on my lap. He would cry some but never put up a fight.
Now .. Riley is Completely Traumatized by his Transplant/Post Transplant experience. We will continue to try and work through his anxiety with him.
Final note .. All of Riley’s labs looked Good! We’ll Take It!



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