A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Sooo .. Riley has been back to CHOP multiple times since discharge for appts and therapy. Every time he starts Freakin out about getting stuck. Each time we have reassured him that he wasn’t and his visits went fine. Tuesday we head back to CHOP and this time he is having labs drawn! It’s a must and as his parent I completely understand that. The 5yr Old .. Not so much! 
So not only do we need to get through the blood draw itself .. that inpatient we ended up having to give him PRNs for .. but then have to convince him its Ok to go back to CHOP on Wednesday. 
An Important thing to know that I don’t believe has been shared yet … Riley has been diagnosed with PTSD. It began when we were still in the CICU and carried over to the PCU. Treatment did begin when we were in the CICU but meds take time. Now Riley is on 2 meds at bedtime to help him sleep through the night and to carry over to the daytime to help with some of his anxiety. That helps with the day to day but when things like Labs or procedures are happening the daily meds do nothing. I have discussed having a PRN at home available and depending how Tuesday goes we may need to revisit the conversation .. 
Our Fingers are Crossed for a Not So Overly Traumatized Riley on Tuesday’s trip to CHOP .. ♡♥



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