A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley was discharged from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on July 9th after having a 127 day stay post Heart/Lung Transplant. During his time at CHOP Riley endured not only the Heart/Lung Transplant itself but also 4 Cardiac caths .. 4 Bronchoscopies .. a Tracheostomy .. a Thal Fundoplication .. 2 rounds of Renal Failure .. Paraflu .. Adenovirus .. 4 Artiral lines .. countless IV’s .. a PICC Line that was rewired 4 times .. having a GJ tube placed .. a J tube placed .. both of which that were seemingly always being repositioned in IR .. and the list goes on. Our Riley is a Warrior by Every definition .. ♡

Now We Journey on to the Next Chapter .. ♡♥



Comments on: "Riley Is Discharged .. The Journey Continues .. ♡" (3)

  1. its so good to see riley smile like that , way to go riley enjoy your new home & may god be with you all threw this next chapter of your lives, hang in there riley , you have come along long way 🙂

  2. Pinky y Luis said:

    Thank God our dream is coming true…. every single day is a miracle for every body… but for Riley in addition is an act of true love of God.. I do not now how to describe in English…. but in Spanish is…. mas que un milagro es un acto de verdadero amor de Dios…. God love us and permmit us to enjoy this time…. the past is the past…. and the future nobody knows it… so today is the best… I wish I could be present and give to you a big hugh…. but….
    Well…. if Riley is sooo good… I can wait…. he he he…..

  3. Laurie Snyder said:

    so happy to hear that Riley has gone home. What a true miracle he is and what a trouper. I can’t even imagine what you all have gone through. God bless and keep you.

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