A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

On Wednesday April 10th Riley will undergo his 29th Cardiac Cath .. The 3rd Cath since his Transplant on March 5th. Dr. Rome will Stent Riley’s left SVC and check the function of the left diaphragm and possibly biopsy. 
Riley has been on the vent again since Easter Sunday .. March 31st. Putting him more time on the vent since his Transplant then off. This leads to the discussion of a Tracheostomy. We will further that discussion after Riley’s Cath. As hard as the idea is to swallow .. We Know if it is needed it will benefit Riley in his rehabilitation. So we’ll see what happens after Wednesday.
One last note. Riley has formed another clot. This one is in his left leg. The clot is most likely the result of the PICC line. It’s being watched and treated with Heparin .. even though the clot formed while on a Heparin Infusion for the clots in his left arm. Everything is a balancing act.
Thank you All for your Support .. Prayers .. and Heart Felt Love for Riley and Our Family!
We Journey On .. ♥


♡ Riley and Daddy Blowing Bubbles During OT on April 7th ♡


Comments on: "♥ Riley Will Have His 29th Cardiac Cath on Wednesday April 10th ♥" (1)

  1. i pray for you Riley i love you with all my heart God bless you..!!!!!

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