A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

5 years ago on April 4th we were sitting in the same place as we are now .. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia .. ♥
There was no guarantee that Riley would be with us in a year and even less that he would be here in 5 years if he was still living with his own Heart and Lungs ♥
We find it almost symbolic that 5 years later We are Here .. Riley is Alive .. Having Received the Gift of Life ♥
It has not been a easy Journey but Riley has been a Warrior through every day .. through every battle he has faced ♥
As a Family .. We Journey On .. We look forward to Wishing Our Warrior a Lifetime of Healthy .. Happy Birthdays … ♥♥♥♥♥ ~ Mom
Thank you to Our team at CHOP for getting us to today! Dr. Spray for doing Riley’s first two open heart surgeries and for doing Riley’s Heart/Lung Transplant! Dr. Rome for Cathing Riley his first 26 times and soon his 29th! Dr. Hanna for being the Wonderful Person that he is .. for being on this Journey with us .. Being Our Grandmom .. holding our hand .. as he said he would the first day we met almost three and a half years ago! Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Kreindler for guiding us through the world of Lung Transplant .. All of the staff in the CICU for caring for Riley the first five years and now preparing us for a New Future with Our Warrior! Thank You .. Thank You .. Thank You ♥





Comments on: "♥ Riley is 5 .. Alive and Battling On ..♥" (4)

  1. Joyce Curnell said:

    CONGRATULATIONS RILEY! My nephew donated his organs 6 years ago and we are now TEAM LOUIE in the Philadelphia Donor Dash each year. Please let us know if a team has been formed by your family and if so, what is the name, I want to donate to the team on behalf of our Team Louie!

  2. Reblogged this on etalutargnoc and commented:
    We’re praying for you little Riley, your family & friends! In Christ Jesus Holy Name we pray, Amen. Your Big Brother in Christ, BGLenn

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Riley, my birthday is the 5th of April.
    Sending you some prayers and blessings for a quick recovery.

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