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♥ Riley Successfully Made It Through His 26th Cath ♥

Riley has Successfully made it through his 26th Cardiac Cath! Both of his remaining pulmonary veins were dilated with cutting balloons. After some hesitation Dr. Rome decided to also balloon his shunt. The shunt is so small at this point it’s hard to do anything to it, but he believes he was able to allow at least a little more blood flow through. The reality is though that Riley is Alive and has blood flow because of All of his collaterals. The collaterals are a Life Saver Now but will be a Major Issue during and after Transplant!
During Wednesday’s Cath they did something that they have Never done before. They Phlebotomized 180ml of blood volume and replaced it with 200ml of Albumin. Reason. His Hematocrit level is to high. It has been in the 70’s. So this was like thinning his blood out. It could cause some other issues down the line, but at this point the benefit outways the risk.
Riley is recovering in the CICU. So far .. No reaction to the contrast. Bizarre! He is being treated the same way yet had the reaction last Cath. We will take it though!
Thank you All for your Continued Love and Support for Riley and Our Family ♥




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