A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Quick Update ~ Riley’s next Cath (#26) has been scheduled for next week.
They have also already scheduled the MRI for right before the cath. Dr. Licht will come to the CICU post Cath to discuss the results from the MRI.
We do have to tinker with the premeds for Riley’s contrast allergy because last Cath he had a full blown reaction and within a hour of being in the CICU. This has been under control for the three caths prior. Luckily the reaction doesn’t cause him any distress but we just never know what could happen! As the doctors in the CICU say .. That’s why he is Here!
We Pray .. Smooth Sailing for Riley as he Journeys On ♥

♡ Defying the Odds ♡

Comments on: "♡ Riley’s Cath (#26) and MRI Are Scheduled For Next Week ♡" (2)

  1. my little hero.. Riley is always in my heart and prayer
    as well as mom & dad family & friends. hang in there riley, your day is coming !
    god bless you little man &your family too , think of you all the time .xoxo

  2. Pinky y Luis said:

    I hope everty thing is OK…. I am praying and my heart is with you…. hugs… hugs… hugs…. ♥♥♥

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