A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

♥ Gift of Life ♥

I know of two children receiving the Gift of Life tonight ♥ A Lil Lady receiving her New Lungs and a Young Boy receiving his New Heart ♥ So Happy for these Families and Their Warriors ♥ 

Can’t help but be mind boggled though … How has Riley been waiting Over Three Years for his Gift of Life? I know how hard it is to get both heart and lungs that are in perfect condition for a child … It’s just Crazy how long Riley has been waiting ♥

The Positive to Riley still waiting is that he is Here .. Alive .. Home ♥ Post Pediatric heart/lung Transplant outcomes are much different than heart. The last two children that received heart/lung transplants and were around Riley’s age .. passed within the first year ♥ Even the doctors have said that Riley waiting so long has given him a chance to live! Had he been transplant two .. three years ago he may not be here now … losing the time that he has Lived! The goal with Riley’s Transplant is to get him through the first year .. That’s the hardest to overcome than go from there ♥

May God watch over All of Us … Parents … Families living a life where Our child is born sick .. Fighting to Live since the day their life began … There is No Understanding to it .. We just have to Accept it and Live it .. Not for Us .. For them .. Our Warriors ♥

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  1. Carol, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Riley everyday!!! It is a beautiful way, to look at the circimstances and much needed to travel this journey. You have to look at the possitive and you have done that!!! Riley is a miracle, and I am sure he has many more to come! We will be there on that waiting list one day, and as much as I look forward to a transplanted Jilly… I look forward to Riley Gift of Life 1st!!! I know we can’t control those things… but Riley has done enough time on that list! But he has also shown you what a survivor he is… the sky is the limit!!! Much love and Heart hugs!!! Joy

  2. This may be a stupid question, but does Riley need to get both lungs and heart transplant at the same time, or can he get one while he’s still wating for the other?

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