A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

We returned from Neurology with not to many answers. We do know from testing that Riley has two areas in his brain that may make him more prone to seizures. Areas that will be further looked at on MRI during Riley next Cath. Its hard to say much more without the MRI. If Riley was a Normal … Healthy … Child the DX would most likely be migraines, however, we all know that Riley is anything but normal. These areas could be caused by injury such as lack of O2 … Something you wouldn’t worry about with a Healthy child but we already know that Riley Sats in the low 70’s on 4L of O2 so it could very possibly be do to that. I would rather wait to comment further until the MRI.
After also seeing Dr. Hanna … It appears that Riley’s next cath (#26) will be in the next two weeks, however, right now Every bed on the 6th floor at CHOP is occupied. If the cath isnt scheduled for two weeks we will instead see Dr. Hanna and he will decide if Riley MUST be cathed then and if so he will do some rearranging! Another wait and see … I think that may be the name of Riley’s Journey … Wait and See ♥

                       Riley and Dr. Licht ♥


Comments on: "♥ Riley’s Appointment With Neurology ♥" (2)

  1. The words “wait and see” could make me fly off of my chair faster than any other I encountered throughout Pierce’s journey! I almost made a sacraficial offering to the NICU gods when a nurse practioner said that to me when Pierce was close to deaths door with an ischemic bowel at two weeks of age. My tantrum got the chief of surgery in there within 40 minutes, and my gut that wait and see wouldn’t end so hot was right because he operated immediately!

    I feel differently about this phrase for Riley though, his care team at CHOP is fantastic, and I think as a mother I would accept those words far easier from doctors of high caliber like Riley’s team ❤

  2. What an amazing little warrior !!

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