A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley’s visit with Pulmonary was pretty uneventful on Friday. Which is Good! I did inquire if there has been any offers for Riley. Dr. Goldfarb says … Actually there was one this morning .. For Riley .. but it was just the Lungs. For anyone who doesn’t know when you do a Heart/Lung Transplant you transplant both lungs and the heart at one time. The whole thing is really Crazy but its our Only Hope ♥ Thank You to ALL of Riley’s New Followers for Joining Our Warrior’s Journey! Riley will be Waiting 3 Years for his Gift of Life November 2nd! If he is still waiting next month … Riley will have his 25th Cardiac Cath ♥ Sooo … This is Certainly a Journey we are on and we are Sooo Thankful for Everyone’s Love and Support for Riley and Our Family ♥ …


Waiting to See Dr. Goldfarb ♥


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  1. I been following riley for sometime now ok that finally the call came today but was not for him ,everything happens for a reason & i believe the right call will be his really soon, I always think of riley & his family . your all very strong dont give up hope,I will continue to pray for my little buddy the family all invovled, so the night b4 my lung transpland I wrote on my lung page , from my mouth to gods ears please let my call come threw tonight ,and guided all the drs /nurses hand & all in my o/r amen ! well got the call 430am and got my lung ,only one but its better then nothing & im doin pretty well. my best to u all & hope your lil man gets his heart /lungs whatever he needs that goes for all the kids out there , I m becoming big on donate life i will always have lil riley in my thoughts and prayers !!

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