A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

On Monday .. 9/24/12 .. Riley had his 24th Cardiac Cath ♥
The Cath went as expected. Only the Left Lower Vein was dilated. Not dilating the Right Upper. Those are Riley’s two remaining pulmonary veins. The veins are actually outgrowing the stents. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done. Kinda like Riley’s Shunt that he outgrew over three years ago! Its stented also but it should have been removed before Riley even turned One! At this point everything comes back to Transplant! He needs it! ♥
I spoke with Dr Rome post cath and he just can’t believe that Riley is still Waiting! Also stating that Riley certainly takes the prize for the most caths he’s performed on one child! I also Inquired about Riley’s Collaterals. There are Lots of Them! I said .. Collaterals are good Now but Not when its time for Transplant! Dr Rome said .. Perfectly Put! They are helping now with compensating for the veins his lost but when its time for Transplant they are going to be a Major bleeding issue! Ugh …
Later in the evening I actually had a chance to talk to Dr Spray. Riley’s Surgeon. I haven’t spoke to HIM about Transplant since Riley got listed. He Agreed that the collaterals are of Great concern! To be able to remove Riley’s Heart and Lungs and Control the bleeding while transplanting the donor organs is going to be the Most Complicated part of the surgery. Then to control the bleeding after the transplant. He said Riley may actually need to go into the cath lab after transplant to address all the collaterals. Ugh… It was a Hard conversation to Swallow but I’m Sooo Glad We had it!!
Riley Does Continue to Amaze Some of the Top Doctors in the Field! He Needs to Continue to Defy the Odds … Through Transplant and After … He Deserves to Live as He Has Won Every Battle to Date … He is a Warrior With a Lot of Fight Left in Him ♥








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