A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

♥ Change of Plans ♥

Just had one of those Heart Dropping Phone Calls … At least while it rang and when the person said who they were!!! It was a 215-590-???? number.. which is CHOP!!! TRANSPLANT?!?!? NO!! Calling to Cancel Tomorrow’s Cath!! Seems they have had 4 emergencies in the CICU this evening alone! Pretty much meaning there are No Beds! They discussed Cathing tomorrow and having Riley recover in the PICU but arent comfortable with that! They ARE Comfortable in having Riley wait until next week for his 24th cath. That way he can recover in the CICU under Their Care!! I agree! Downfall is having to go back to CHOP for pretesting AGAIN after doing it today and having to premed Riley again!
Upside as Dr. Montenegro said … Maybe Riley will get another GOOD Offer for organs Before the next cath… Making All of this happen for a Reason! (I Won’t Hold My Breath!) Until I know More… Thank You all for Your Continued Love and Support for Our Riley ♥


Dr. Hanna Being Silly with Riley During his Intake Appt. ♥


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