A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

♥ A Moment of Riley Reality ♥ Riley has Unbelievably been waiting Over Two Years and Eight Months for a Bilateral Lung and Heart Transplant. ♥ On Friday Riley had his Twenty Third Cardiac Cath to Dilate his Two Remaining Pulmonary Veins. ♥ Tonight Riley is Sleeping and Sweating Profusely. His Pulse Ox is seating around 70% on 3L of O2. Increased O2 to 3.5L and he settles around 73%. There really is No Need to call CHOP right now. Riley’s Lifelines are Caths and Oxygen. There isn’t much else they would do right now beside say to Increase his O2. ♥ As Scary as Riley getting his Transplant is…. It Truly is his Only Hope ♥ Dr. Spray, who has called every step of Riley’s Journey to the T, said when I was still pregnant that if Riley was Still functioning with his own heart and lungs come age 4 to 5 that he most likely wouldn’t survive past age 5! I think that is the Only thing I Wish/Pray Dr. Spray Would be Wrong About! ♥ Riley Turned Four on April Fourth…….


Riley and Dr. Rossano ♥


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  1. Joy and Jilly said:

    Any chance Riley could of formed a clot from the cath.? I know the profuse sweating was one of the signs for Jilly when she clotted. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Riley… he is so strong and we also know that he is a Great Fighter… he can overcome those odds and statistics! You are so strong too, and have enjoyed every moment with Riley and that is something to be treasured. Hang in there, sending all the love and heart hugs that I can!!! Miss you and I pray for that transplant someday real soon!!! Joy

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