A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley had his visit with Dr. Hanna today. There were labs drawn. Only for Antibody screening for Transplant though, and that was a lot of blood. She actually had to stick him twice because the first site stopped putting out blood 😦 I was hoping that some of the blood was being used to help figure out what happened yesterday. Although I’m honestly not sure what blood test can be done to determine that, but now a days you never know! After talking with Dr. Hanna there still isn’t a clear answer to what happened yesterday. We know he got a headache which we assumed caused him to vomit which in turn made his Sats drop. My question is why the headache, but better yet how did he recover from the headache when I Never gave him Tylenol? When we got to the ER Sunday Riley was Fine! How? Don’t know and probably never will! Obviously fingers are crossed that we don’t have a repeat episode because that could cause more cause for Alarm. Ugh. The rest of Riley’s visit was fine. He is almost 32Lbs. Yea!
Next cath will be around the end of July ♥


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